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Helping hearts cyprus

Thousands of families in Cyprus go hungry.

Help us provide them with enough to eat due to the COVID 19


Holiday scheme for low-income pensioners extended

Citing keen interest, the labour ministry said it is making another €200,000 available to extend a holiday scheme at hotels in the mountains and in Kato Pyrgos area for low-income pensioners.

The subsidised holidays are for the period September 14 to November 15. With the extra funds, the total budget for the scheme is now €700,000 the ministry said.


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Helping Hearts is a voluntary group run by Brian and Zanka Randall, first established in March 2020 as the COVID19 pandemic reached Cyprus and providing food due the country going into lock-down. Suddenly many businesses were closed, and the tourist industry, on which the Famagusta area relies so heavily on, was unable to restart for the season after a long winter - this meant that so many families were in sudden and desperate need. As many companies have not opened at all in Cyprus due to the COVID 19 we remain with many families still struggling to support them selves and their children.


The Cyprus government put into place a support scheme but this was not available to everyone for various reasons, and could only cover the bare minimum of a families outgoings at best.

€1 Challange

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